Mitochondrial genome


Spirodela polyrhiza is a species of the order Alismatales, which represent the basal lineage of monocots with more ancestral features than the Poales. Its complete sequence of the mitochondrial (mt) genome could provide clues for the understanding of the evolution of mt genomes in plant. Here, Spirodela polyrhiza mt genome was sequenced from total genomic DNA without physical separation of chloroplast and nuclear DNA using the SOLiD platform. Using a genome copy number sensitive assembly algorithm, the mt genome was successfully assembled. In this poster, we will introduce their important features compared with sequenced mitochondrial  genomes.



  1. Enriched mitochondria copies in total DNA allows their genome assembly accessible by SOLiD platform from a quadrant slide without purification.
  2. Spirodela has the most compact monocot mitochondrial genome with 228,493 bp among sequenced ones.
  3. The mt genome contains low portion of chloroplast and nuclear DNA but  large regions of unknown origin in non-coding regions.
  4. It is abundant of RNA editing and active gene loss, but lack of synteny with known mitochondrial genomic sequences.
Spirodela polyrhiza:     GenBank (JQ804980)     genome map