Spirodela Genome Sequence

Spirodela polyrhiza (Greater Duckweed) strain 7498 -- 26/01/2018: Release version IPK v3.1

Genome sequence (Spirodela_polyrhiza_7498_v3.1.gff)
The gff contains the annotation information of the corresponding fasta file.

Fasta sequence (Spirodela_polyrhiza_7498_v3.1.faa)
The fasta file is the 21 chromosome-aligned sequences and a pseudomolecule 0 containing all unsorted and short sequences.

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All files were prepared by Dr. Hieu Cao: cao at ipk-gatersleben.de.
Reference: The map-based genome sequence of Spirodela polyrhiza aligned with its chromosomes, a reference for karyotype evolution by Cao, Hieu; Vu, Giang; Wang, Wenqin; Appenroth, Klaus; Messing, Joachim; Schubert, Ingo. New Phytologist, 2015.