Multi-Institutional Projects


The Plant Genome Initiative at Rutgers (PGIR) is pioneering breakthroughs in sequencing the rice, maize, sorghum, Brachypodium, and Spirodela genomes.It also generates a new map of the Strawberry genome by next-generation sequencing. PGIR was originally established as a sequencing facility in order to participate in the consortium known as the International Rice Genome Sequencing Project. With the development of next-generation sequencing technology, an Institute-wide facility has been created.


BIOSOLAR H2,  a multi-institutional research center, focuses on the chemistry and biology of renewable energy production:

  • Inorganic materials for catalysis at electrical interfaces

  • Photocatalysis for solar fuels production

  • Artificial photosynthesis for solar energy conversion

  • Algal biofuels- redirecting metabolism for fuel production