Waksman Celebrated National Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

On Thursday April 25, Waksman participated in the National Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

Several labs arranged a special schedule to host ten children with fun activities for the day. In Dr. Charles Dismukes' lab, the children learned to make liquid nitrogen ice cream and from the looks on their faces, they had a great time.


The following Waksman staff and faculty made this happen: Matthew Marcello (Singson Lab), Nanci Kane, Ken Callanan, Charles Dismukes, Gennady Ananyev (Dismukes Lab), Vladimir Mekler (Severinov), Andrea Gallavotti, and Mary Galli and Iris Camehl (Gallavotti Lab).

Activity Type Host (PI or staff name) Time Meeting Place
     9 AM to 5 PM All pick ups occur at Waksman Rotunda
 Mutant Worms - Sensing Singson (Marcello)  10:00 Waksman Rotunda to 123 A
 Flies : development of body parts Nanci Kane  10:45 Waksman rotunda to 101, the fly room
 Fermentation Lab: Bioreactors: microbes for synthesis Ken Callanan  11:30   Waksman Rotunda to Fermentation lab
 Lunch Break or Making Ice Cream Charles Dismukes  12:15  Waksman Rotunda to 1014
 Making Proteins -Fluorescence Imaging Severinov (Vladimir Mekler)  1:30 Waksman Rotunda to 1st floor Braun wing
 Harvesting the Sun - Photosynthesis Dismukes (Gennady Ananyev)  2:30 Waksman Rotunda to 1015
 What is a Plant ?-Growth & Agriculture


(Mary Galli and

Iris Camehl) 

 3:30 Waksman Rotunda to 3001
Greenhouse Tour Gallavotti
(Mary Galli and Iris Camehl)
 4:15 Waksman Rotunda to Greenhouse