In The News: Messing in NJ's 100+ Club

The Star Ledger reporters and Inside Jersey writers put together a list of the top 106 most influential people in New Jersey. Dr. Messing was acknowledged in the Food category for his work in improving the nutritional value of corn.



JOACHIM MESSING Professor, Rutgers University, and Director of the Waksman Institute of Microbiology He researches corn and studies plant genomes, and last year won the Wolf Prize for Agriculture. Joachim Messing is a Rutgers University professor (molecular biology) and director of the Waksman Institute. His $100,000 prize, for genetic modifications that upgrade the nutritional value of corn, will further confound your understanding of a genetically modified organism. The Wolf Prize is one of the world’s most prestigious humanitarian awards, and Messing, who could have patented his work for profit, instead shared his research in the hopes that it could help assuage world hunger.


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