Maliga & Collaborators to Host Sustainability Symposium

The initial academic symposia to be offered as part of the First 100 Days Initiatives of the Rutgers University Strategic Plan were selected after recommendations were received from a committee of faculty from New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden. Only two proposals could be funded for the 2014-15 academic year, including one submitted by a collaboration of faculty including Waksman Institute's Pal Maliga.


An International Symposium for Sustainable Biotechnology, Bioenergy and Biomedicine

Submitting faculty: Eric Lam, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences; Pal Maliga, Waksman Institute of Technology; Eric Garfunkel, School of Arts and Sciences

In partnership with the Ohio State University and the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, Rutgers will host the 9th Tripartite Workshop held by this group in November of 2014. The Workshop will be expanded to a symposium format via funding provided by the 100 Days Initiatives. The additional funding will permit participation by colleagues from the Camden, Newark, and RBHS communities. Faculty and graduate students from Rutgers as well as Ohio State and Sao Paulo will meet to discuss their current research on the issues surrounding sustainable biotechnology, bioenergy, and biomedicine.