Selected Publications

Yu, Q, Lutz KA, Maliga P.  2017.  Efficient plastid transformation in Arabidopsis.  Plant Physiology. 175:186-193.

Gurdon, C, Svab Z, Feng Y, Kumar D, Maliga P.  2016.  Cell-to-cell movement of mitochondria in plants.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 113:3395-400.

Lutz, KA, Martin C, Khairzada S, Maliga P.  2015.  Steroid-inducible BABY BOOM system for development of fertile Arabidopsis thaliana plants after prolonged tissue culture. Plant Cell Rep. 34:1849-56.

Bosacchi, M, Gurdon C, Maliga P.  2015.  Plastid Genotyping Reveals the Uniformity of Cytoplasmic Male Sterile-T Maize Cytoplasms. Plant Physiology. 169:2129-2137.

Gurdon, C, Maliga P.  2014. Two distinct plastid genome configurations and unprecedented intraspecies length variation in the accD coding region in Medicago truncatula DNA Research. 21:417-427.

Thyssen, G, Svab Z, Maliga P.  2012. Cell-to-cell movement of plastids in plants. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 109:2439-2443.


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