About the Facility

Two identical, yet independently controlled (heating, cooling, shade curtain, growth lights, roof vent) greenhouse bays are connected by an adjoining headhouse, which includes an outdoor weather station (providing sensor inputs for precipitation detection, solar readings, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction) make up our state of the art Greenhouse facility. The facility, completed in 2006,  features a total of 4,200 square feet of growing space to better enable the proper growth of corn plants.  Insect Netting, a cost-effective and environmental-friendly alternative to the use of pesticides, is used as a physical barrier to block out insects from the facility to maintain a purely organic environment. This newer construction replaced the orginal, smaller Waksman greenhouse constructed back in 1986, featuring 3,600 square feet of growing space divided in six rooms and a roof structure only 7.5 feet at the truss.