Ion Proton

The Genomics Core Facility at Waksman Institute, Rutgers University has installed LifeTechnologies’ new, state-of-the-art semiconductor sequencing machine Ion Proton to its cutting edge Next Generation Sequencing instruments. Acquisition of the Ion Proton system allows a scalable sequencing solution at an affordable price. Ion Proton is very similar to 454 with similar accuracy and error rates (1%).

Ion Proton


MiSeq sequencer

Launched in the fall of 2011, Illumina’s desktop sequencing system, MiSeq is a faster and lower output sequencer. Typical 300 bp paired-end sequencing run takes approx. 66 hours to complete and generates more than 44 million reads. 



Applied Biosystems SOLiD 5500XL

The SOLiD 5500XL offers read lengths up to 75 bp. New Exact Call Chemistry produces output in familiar base calls. Also supports the flexibility of "Pay-Per-Lane" basis. The Spirodela chloroplast genome was sequenced by SOLiD approach using the total DNA extracted from the whole plants.






Quant Studio 3D Digital PCR

Digital PCR, is a molecule counting method that quantitatively measures absolute DNA and eliminates the need for standard curves.