Professor Emerita Receives Lasker Award

Professor Emerita, Evelyn Witkin has won the 2015 Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research ( in recognition of her groundbreaking work on the responses to DNA damage. She is the third Institute member to win this highest honor in the medical sciences in the US after Selman Waksman in 1948 and Michael Heidelberger in 1953. Earlier this year she was already recognized with the 2015 Wiley Prize in the Medical Sciences. In 2000, she received the Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal from the Genetics Society and in 2002 the National Medal of Science from President Bush. Professor Witkin is a member of the Genetics Section of the National Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Academy of Microbiology, and AAAS. She came to the Institute from Douglass College in 1983 after the reorganization of the life sciences at Rutgers and retired from the Institute in 1991. Congratulations Evelyn Witkin to this achievement!

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