Israel's Prestigious Wolf Prize Honors Dr. Joachim Messing

Dr. Messing was selected for the Wolf Prize in Agriculture for his research efforts and innovations in recombinant DNA cloning and for deciphering the genetic codes of crop plants. Because there is no Nobel Prize in this category, the Wolf Prize in Agriculture is also regarded on par with the Nobel Prize. In addition, the Wolf Foundation also honors scientists and artists in the fields of Architecture, Music, Painting and Sculpture, Agriculture, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medicine and Physics for their achievements in the interest of mankind and friendly relations among peoples irrespective of nationality, race, color, religion, sex or political views. Eight winners were announced in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, January 2, 2013. The President of Israel Shimon Peres is scheduled to present the prizes during a special ceremony at Israel´s Parliament in Jerusalem in May. Learn more about Dr. Messing's Research

Dr. Karl Maramorosch with Dr. Messing

Dr. Messing is the second Waksman faculty member to achieve this honor. Dr. Karl Maramorosch (pictured left with Dr. Messing), Emeritus Professor of Rutgers University, held the posistion of Distinguished Professor at Waksman Institute when he was awarded the Wolf Prize in Agriculture in 1980 for his pioneering and wide-ranging studies on interactions between insects and disease agents in plants.
Learn More about Dr. Maramorosch's Wolf Prize in Agriculture and Dr. Maramorosch's Research

For more information about the Wolf Prize, please visit The Wolf Foundation.

Dr. Messing has recently been featured in the news, including the Rutgers Today article "Rutgers Professor Recognized for Revolutionizing Agriculture."