The Global Climate and Energy Project awards Dismukes for energy research

Prof. Dismukes is the Principal Investigator of an award from The Global Climate and Energy Project, totaling $1,220,127. The three-year Project titled:  Robust Microalgal Production Strains for High Yield Growth on Fossil Flue Gas: Toward Cost Effective Biofuels and CO2 Mitigation. This project aims to develop microalgal strains for high carbon dioxide (CO2) and high temperature tolerances, along with increased lipid yields, through random and targeted mutagenesis. A major collaborator on this project comes from Co-PI Dr. Jun Cheng at Zhejiang University, China, where the engineered strains will be evaluated for mass production. The Rutgers’ project benefits from a collaboration with Prof. Christoph Benning at Michigan State University, who is developing genetic engineering strategies for Nannochloropsis oceanica.