Former Messing Undergrad featured in Rutgers Today

“Once I entered Rutgers in 2013, I felt like I need to be involved in research because it was calling me,” he said.

Chris Wakim’s odyssey took him from Alexandria, Egypt, to Bergen Community College to Rutgers University-New Brunswick, where he will graduate next month with a double major in microbiology and the biotechnology concentration in bioinformatics. “It’s been quite a journey,” said Wakim, 24, who lives with his family in Somerset, New Jersey.  

Wakim previously worked in Dr. Joachim Messing's lab where he worked on the Spirodela Polyrhiza project. While in the lab he received publishing credit in an article featured at the International Duckweed Conference in Kyoto Japan.

“I love to be involved as much as I can,” he said. “I love Rutgers because it offers so many opportunities.”

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