Dr. Ebright weighs in on underlying biosecurity pitfalls of bioweapons research amid recent Anthrax mishap

Dr. Richard Ebright has been featured in several media outlets as a molecular biologist and biosecurity expert:


The Guardian: Latest anthrax scare points to dangerous lack of accountability, experts warn

Over the last few weeks, it was revealed, anthrax was sent to 52 laboratories in 18 states plus South Korea, Canada and Australia. Thirty-one people received treatment for possible exposure. There is no official government body to oversee production and research of bioweapons that does not – as the CDC does – engage in its own active pathogen research, and no apparent fixed official guidelines regarding their handling. Ebright: It's all about the worst you could possibly have: no-one watching, no rules and no accountability.

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USA Today: Pentagon’s anthrax scandal spreads to Canada

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon has learned that additional samples of live anthrax were sent to three laboratories in Canada, two Defense officials confirmed Monday evening. If inhaled, anthrax spores can be lethal even with treatment, sparking a high fever and other flu-like symptoms. Biosafety expert Richard Ebright at Rutgers University has branded the blunder "gross negligence."

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The Daily Beast: Pentagon Doesn’t Know Where Its Anthrax Went

The Defense Department admitted it sent deadly spores to three countries and 12 states—and confessed it doesn’t know who else received the lethal bacteria. “Your typical Walmart has greater security than the average U.S. biological weapons lab,” Ebright said. “We are still operating with the same policies as on December of 2001—no revision, no reassessment.”

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Deseret News (editorial): Anthrax episode reveals danger in government’s flawed agent-handling knowledge 

RT.com: Pentagon admits 24 US labs, 2 foreign states received live anthrax shipments

Nature World Report: Live anthrax found in US Army shipment raises many questions 

Doctors Lounge: Live Anthrax Samples Sent to at Least 18 Labs Across U.S.:CDC http://www.doctorslounge.com/index.php/news/hd/55487

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USA Today: Up to 18 labs in US got live anthrax shipments


Nature: US military accidentally ships live anthrax to labs 

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Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy: Army lab mistakenly sends live anthrax samples to 9 states 

The Guardian (UK): Pentagon anthrax blunder reveals 'chain of errors' in government lab protocols