Four Waksman seniors recognized for outstanding acheivement in research

The Waksman Institute would like to congratulate four of our students for being chosen as recipients of the 2015 Henry Rutgers Scholar Award. This award recognizes graduating seniors who have completed outstanding independent research projects leading to an interdepartmental thesis or a thesis in their major field of study.  Every year, professors are invited to nominate students who have done exceptionally strong work and have presented their research at the Aresty Undergraduate Research Symposium, a department-based research event, or a professional conference. Our recipients are: Matthew B. Gigliotti (Ebright Lab - Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Small Molecular Inhibition of Bacterial RNA Polymerases), Rachel A. Battaglia (McKim Lab - Genetics, Characterization of Spindle Assembly Factors in Female Drosophila Meiosis), Benjamin P. Keepers (Irvine Lab - Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Mechanical Input into the Hippo Pathway: The Role of LIM Domain Proteins), Alina Rashid (Barr Lab - Genetics, Investigating the Function of the IL2 Neurons in C. elegans Dauer and Non-dauer Animals).

In addition, Rachel Battaglia (McKim Lab) and Alina Rashid (Barr Lab) were also recipients of The Duncan & Nancy Macmillian award for research excellence. This award is presented to graduating Genetics majors who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishment in research by the completion of a project of publication quality.