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New Location For Genomics FacilityAnnouncementschubertYes6 years 43 weeks ago
The entire Spirodela genome has been sequenced in SpirodelaBaseAnnouncementwaksadmYes6 years 9 weeks ago
New ServicesAnnouncementdkYes5 years 24 weeks ago
New InstrumentsAnnouncementdkYes4 years 39 weeks ago
Waksman acquires PacBio Sequel DNA SequencerAnnouncementdkYes1 year 6 weeks ago
Growth phase-dependent control of transcription start site selection and gene expression by nanoRNAsPublicationVisitorYes5 years 23 weeks ago
The mitochondrial genome of an aquatic plant, Spirodela polyrhizaPublicationVisitorYes5 years 23 weeks ago
Cell-to-cell movement of plastids in plantsPublicationVisitorYes5 years 23 weeks ago
Genome-wide association of Yorkie with chromatin and chromatin-remodeling complexesPublicationVisitorYes5 years 23 weeks ago
Memorial DayEventdkYes5 years 23 weeks ago
Genomics SeminarEventdkYes4 years 24 weeks ago
half dayEventdkYes5 years 43 weeks ago
Winter HolidayEventdkYes5 years 43 weeks ago
Spring 2013GallerydkYes5 years 24 weeks ago
blueseqLinkdkYes5 years 23 weeks ago