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Former Messing Undergrad featured in Rutgers Today

“Once I entered Rutgers in 2013, I felt like I need to be involved in research because it was calling me,” he said.

Chris Wakim’s odyssey took him from Alexandria, Egypt, to Bergen Community College to Rutgers University-New Brunswick, where he will graduate next month with a double major in microbiology and the biotechnology concentration in bioinformatics.

Rutgers Creates Joachim Messing Endowed Chair in Molecular Genetics

The new endowed chair is made possible by gifts totaling $1.6 million from the Michael Seul and Daniel Vapnek Endowed Faculty Research Fund, alumni Blaine Benedict and the late Alvin Benedict, and Messing, who was named the Selman Waksman Endowed Chair in Molecular Genetics in 2009. Seul and Vapnek are co-founders of BioArray Solutions based in Warren, N.J., scientists and longtime colleagues and friends of Messing.

Rutgers professor reflects on contributions to medicine, agriculture

By Dan Corey

More than 40 years after cracking the genetic code, Rutgers microbiologist Joachim Messing does not regret his decision to help save lives and not cash in. Messing, director of the Rutgers Waksman Institute of Microbiology, has entered his 31st year at the University after setting the foundation for creating synthetic human proteins, such as insulin, along with reducing world hunger with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Joachim Messing: Feeding the World

By Robin Lally

Ending hunger, conserving the environment and advancing medicine were more important goals to Rutgers Professor Joachim Messing than earning lots of cash.

Waksman Director elected to National Academy of Sciences

Jo Messing is one of the top reseachers in the field of molecular biology. Photo Credit: Nick Romanenko





In The News: Messing in NJ's 100+ Club

The Star Ledger reporters and Inside Jersey writers put together a list of the top 106 most influential people in New Jersey. Dr. Messing was acknowledged in the Food category for his work in improving the nutritional value of corn.



Joachim Messing honored for his contributions to Biotechnology

The American Society of Microbiology has selected Dr. Joachim Messing of Rutgers University and the Waksman Institute of Microbiology as recipient of the 2014 Promega Biotechnology Research Award for his significant contributions to the start of the genomics revolution.

Israel's Prestigious Wolf Prize Honors Dr. Joachim Messing

Dr. Messing was selected for the Wolf Prize in Agriculture for his research efforts and innovations in recombinant DNA cloning and for deciphering the genetic codes of crop plants. Because there is no Nobel Prize in this category, the Wolf Prize in Agriculture is also regarded on par with the Nobel Prize.

Etopia News Interviews Messing about Duckweed

Spirodela polyrhiza, or duckweed is currently the focus of the SpirodelaBase research project. It being featured as a prospective renewable energy and water filtration resource in the current report of Etopia News.