2011 NJ Inventor of the Year

The New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame, led by a Board of Trustees and committees, promotes the role of invention in the state’s development and the role of inventors in improving society and changing lives. Now in its third decade, the NJI HoF operates under the aegis of Stevens Institute of Technology Office of Academic Entrepreneurship.  As of January 2008, 276 men and women have been honored by the NJI HoF for their inventive achievements which have had a significant positive impact on society. New Jersey, in fact, ranks fourth in the number of U.S. patents issued (156,813), and it’s the only state in the nation with its own inventors’ hall of fame. This year Dr. Pal Maliga has been selected as a receipient of the Inventor of the Year awared and is to be inducted into the NJ Inventors Hall of Fame for his Patented Technology related to Genetics and Molecular Biology, namely US Patent #5451513.

Maliga's "Method for stably transforming plastids of multicellular plants" patent in for the invention of a technique to obtain the plastids of a plant cell from a multicellular plant, of which have been stably transformed by a foreign DNA of interest.
The patent has been approved since September of 1995.  Dr. Maliga joins a host of Rutgers' NJ Inventor Hall of Famers including the late Selman Waksman, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1989, and Hubert Lechevalier in 1990.