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2011 has ended with the completion of the newly designed Fermentation Facility. Within the past few years, the facility has upgraded and installed new equipment including two new 1000 liter fermentors and three new 125 liter fermentors. Since the renovations, our capacity has increased by almost 20% in order to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Cell and Cell Products

Since its inception in 1951, the fermentation facility's goal has been to provide affordable fermentation services to a highly diverse client base. Completely renovated in 2011 the fermentation facility, which meets BL2-LS containment requirements, is comprised of four contiguous operation units:

  • Material Preparation Laboratory
  • Fermentation In-Process
  • Computer Control
  • Product Recovery Room

Bio-reactor working capacities range from 10 to 800 liters. All systems are computer controlled with algorithm-based cascade-capable PID programming.


In the recovery room, downstream processing includes:

  • Centrifugation
  • Filtration
  • Micro and Ultra-filtration
  • Cell Disruption

With the advantage of having the world's pharmaceutical industry in its backyard, a productive climate of industrial liaison has been the historical legacy of the facility. Many former facility students and graduates hold positions within the industry.


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