Fellowship Opportunities

Undergraduate Nital Shah of McKim Lab

Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship

Each fellowship is competitive and only available to students that are working with faculty members of the Waksman Institute. First priority is given to Rutgers students who will continue their research projects through the academic year. Students will receive a stipend for their research. Download Application.


Predoctoral Fellowship & Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Waksman Institute provides competitive fellowships for predoctoral and postdoctoral Waksman candidates with funds from the Busch Endowment. Predoctoral candidates can be funded a maximum of four years, while postdoctoral applicants can be funded for one year. Applications are due the first week of May for funding starting in September and are evaluated by a Waksman committee with final approval from the Director. For further information, contact Rick Padgett at padgett@waksman.rutgers.edu.