Phenyl-azide-mediated photocrosslinking analysis of Cro-DNA interaction.

Chen, Y, Ebright RH.  1993.  


Journal of molecular biology

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Using phenyl-azide-mediated photocrosslinking, we show that the alpha carbon of amino acid 2 of the helix-turn-helix motif of bacteriophage lambda Cro is within 12 A of the bottom-strand nucleotides at positions 2 and 3 of the DNA half site in the Cro-DNA complex in solution. This result is in excellent agreement with the crystallographic structure of the Cro-DNA complex. The results of phenyl-azide-mediated photocrosslinking analysis of Cro-DNA interaction, together with the previously reported results of phenyl-azide-mediated photocrosslinking analysis of CAP-DNA interaction, establish that phenyl-azide-mediated photocrosslinking is generalizable and provide information regarding the structural requirements for phenyl-azide-mediated photocrosslinking. Comparison of the results of phenyl-azide-mediated photocrosslinking to the results of EDTA: iron-mediated affinity cleaving indicates that phenyl-azide-mediated photocrosslinking yields superior resolution.

Chen, Y, Ebright RH.  1993.  Phenyl-azide-mediated photocrosslinking analysis of Cro-DNA interaction.. Journal of molecular biology. 230(2):453-60.