Richard H. Ebright--Current Research Projects


Structural biology: x-ray crystallography and cryo-EM


Single-molecule biophysics: fluorescence spectroscopy, magnetic tweezers, nanopore tweezers

  • Mechanism of transcription initiation
  •    DNA loading
  •    DNA unwinding
  •    RNA polymerase clamp opening
  •    RNA polymerase clamp closing
  •    Sigma displacement
  •    DNA scrunching in start-site selection
  •    DNA scrunching in initial transcription
  •    Core recognition element (CRE) interactions in initiation
  • Mechanism of transcription elongation
  •    RNA polymerase trigger-loop conformation
  •    RNA polymerase clamp opening in pausing
  •    DNA scrunching in pausing
  •    Core recognition element (CRE) interactions in pausing
  • Mechanism of transcription termination
  •    RNA polymerase clamp opening in termination
  •    RNA polymerase forward translocation in termination
  •    RNA slippage in termination
  •    Core recognition element (CRE) interactions in termination


 Drug discovery: in vitro screening, in silico screening, medicinal chemistry


Dr. Richard H. Ebright