Major research focus areas in the Dismukes Lab:


I. Intrument Development


2. Catalysis Research

  • Water oxidation anode catalysts
  • H2 evolving cathode catalysts
  • Solar cell for H2 production from water


3. Photosystem II & Water Oxidizing Complex Studies

  • Inorganic Mutants and assembly of photosynthetic water oxidases
  • Evolution of photosynthetic water oxidation: in search of weirdophiles
  • Role of (bi)carbonate in water oxidation


4. BioEnergy Research

  • Cyanobacterial fermentative H2 production
  • Algal photo-H2 production
  • Food vs. Biomass energy feedstocks:
  • Cofermentation for enhanced biomass conversion efficiency
  • Lipid biosynthesis and conversion to fuels
  • High throughput screening for lipid productive algal strains


5. Carbon Metabolic Fluxomics

  •        Flux balance analysis (FBA)
  •        Metabolic flux analysis (MFA)