Postdoctoral Internship in Molecular Biology of Photosynthetic Microorganisms

Exceptional opportunities are available for highly motivated candidates with strong publication records, regardless of their specific area of expertise. Preferred backgrounds include: molecular biology, algal biology, photosynthesis metabolism, systems biology of microbial metabolism.

Renewable energy research published in EES Hydrogen fuel catalyst

A manuscript describing the Rutgers patented spinel OER catalyst LiCo2O4 has been accepted for publication in Energy & Environmental Science (EES), the highest impact journal in the field of energy sciences. This is a joint publication with collaborators from Proton OnSite. This material has been tested in an alkaline exchange membrane electrolyzer.

2012 Research HIghlight: Production of Sustainable Energy Takes a Step Forward

“Developing chemical processes that will facilitate mass production of economical, environment-friendly solar and wind electricity is one of the biggest challenges of the energy crisis,” said Dismukes.

2013 Research Highlight: Maximizing photosynthesis at low light intensity

In a recent paper inThe Journal of Biological Chemistry, researchers at Rutgers University and the University of California, San Diego have