Microbial Genetics

Waksman Director elected to National Academy of Sciences

Jo Messing is one of the top reseachers in the field of molecular biology. Photo Credit: Nick Romanenko





Fermentation Core Facility

Pilot Scale - Cell and Cell-Products

A wide range of services are offered by the Fermentation Facility. Newly renovated in 2011, the Fermentation Facility now houses two 1000 Liter bioreactors and three 125 Liter bioreactors for the production of biologicals. 

Genomics Core Facility

Sequencing Services

Waksman Genomics Core Facility is a state-of-the-art laboratory facility, providing high-throughput next generation sequencing services to the Rutgers research community and to the broader scientific community.

Dr. Andrew K. Vershon

Principal Investigator

Our research focuses on the transcriptional regulation of genes in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Specifically. we are investigating how different regulatory proteins interact to control gene expression and how these interactions influence the regulatory activity of these proteins.

Dr. Konstantin Severinov

Principal Investigator

Understanding RNA polymerase (RNAP) structure and function is a key to understanding gene expression in molecular detail. The long-term objective of our research is to uncover the molecular basis of transcription mechanism and regulation through structure-functional analysis of bacterial RNAP and associated proteins. In addition, we use bacteriophage development as a model system to study temporal regulation of gene expression and to uncover novel mechanisms of transcription regulation. We also study microcins, small ribosomally-synthesized inhibitors of bacterial growth.

Dr. Richard H. Ebright

Principal Investigator

Transcription--synthesis of an RNA copy of genetic information in DNA--is the first step in gene expression and is the step at which most regulation of gene expression occurs. Richard H. Ebright's lab seeks to understand structures, mechanisms, and regulation of bacterial transcription complexes and to identify, characterize, and develop small-molecule inhibitors of bacterial transcription for application as antituberculosis agents and broad-spectrum antibacterial agents.

Dr. Bryce E. Nickels

Principal Investigator

Our lab studies transcription, the first step in gene expression, whereby the genetic information coded in the DNA is utilized for the synthesis of RNA. The findings could lead to the discovery of an exciting but previously unrecognized class of regulatory RNAs, and could also suggest novel strategies for treating or controlling microbial infections.